Chinese Radicals with Pictures and Cantonese Pronunciation (Complete)

Please tell me if there are any content/grammatical mistakes. Your help is much appreciated!

Download link:


  1. Wow I love these! Thanks man!

  2. · · Reply

    great chart!

    maybe you can include kangxi radical number

    hau2 – mouth is kangxi radical 30
    bing1 – ice is kangxi radical 15

    some characters have a few more steps between ancient and modern forms. make understanding easier.

    you can also embed audio files in pdf.

    1. Yeah, I know I can embed audio in pdf but I afraid the pdf will get too big. Thanks for your advice!

  3. Victor Ching · · Reply

    Excellent job. Do you have the Mandarin version? Radicals and pics help though.

    If you like picture grams you should study

    Go to main page. click on picture dictionary.


    1. Victor,
      you can always copy and paste the radical to ZDIC, which provides both Mandarin pinyin and Mandarin pronunciation.

      1. you are weird

  4. Trent Paynee · · Reply

    Great work, very useful!

  5. Trent Payne · · Reply

    Would you be willing to provide the source document?

    It’d be helpful for my character memorisation if I could order the radicals by stroke count and put the Mandarin pronunciation in.

  6. Hi, this what I was doing this morning for Putonghua. Can I use your source document so I can create my own table for Mandarin?

  7. it looks great! can I download it somehow? the link does not work anymore…

    1. Download link uploaded. I don’t know who the hell deleted my file.

  8. I also want to download it to teach my children!

  9. thanks!

  10. It would be helpful to put the ping ing.

    1. Ryan, why do you have my profile pic???????????????

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