Layout of Tibetan Keyboard on Windows 7

Although this blog is about Cantonese,  I will post stuffs other than Cantonese sometimes. I am learning Tibetan right now and can’t find a clear manual on how to type Tibetan on Windows 7. Here’s my own manual after trials and errors. The “on-screen keyboard” for Tibetan is ridiculously small so I made it bigger.

To view bigger image, right click on the image, copy and paste the link to the browser.

This one is easier to memorise.

How to type vowels, punctuation and special alphabet:

How to type superscribed/subscribed/reversed letters:

In the end, Tibetan keyboard in Mac is more intuitive and that means easier, for example, if you want to type ཐ , just enter “shift+t”. In  Windows 7,  Tibetan keyboard is kind of random…


  1. Hi there, I came across your blog from Mak’s canto blog I studied Tibetan for a little while when I was in my abugida phase and I find it fascinating. Here’s a couple sites if you haven’t found them already:

    The Tibetan Student
    The best! I learned to write from here completely from scratch, you learn the alphabet from the small sections, check yourself with the sentences and texts. What I did was transliterate Tibetan into Wylie, then use this dictionary to try and translate it:

    This page shows a few different writing styles:
    Since it’s impossible (for me anyways) to emulate the elegant curves and sudden corners of the Tibetan script, I found this page useful in learning how to actually handwrite it.

    This is probably the mother lode on the internet of the Tibetan writing system:
    This guy has tons of more links related to it.

    You’ve inspired me to check Tibetan out again. How much have you studied so far? How cool would it be to chat in Tibetan??

    1. Thanks for the websites! Your comment was in the spam box! I just noticed that… I think hates long comment…
      I’m a beginner and I learn Tibetan by myself. You can actually get more Tibetan textbooks and dictionaries from uztranslations (google it). You can chat with Tibetan on (Tibetan Bar on

  2. i need tibetan keybroad

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  4. Please show how to type the subscript wasur ?
    ex. how to type དྭ

  5. In order to write དྭ just type DMU the ྭ comes from MU.

  6. Tendol · · Reply

    I was learning to type in Tibetan but wasn’t able to get a proper guide. Your blog was a Big help, Thanks!

  7. thank you. your information is really helpful. this language is so hard!

  8. how to write number 5? It’s double letters with “L” on the to and “a” in the bottom.

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