A Cantonese-English Stardict (In Progress)

I guess I’ve to type something to keep this blog on the first page of Google search result. (keyword: cantonese resources). Anyway, I’m busy creating a free Cantonese-English stardict (file), which allows you to look up words in windows, mac, iphone and android. It is based on Dictionary of Cantonese Slang. (Shhhhhh…)

The following is the preview:

Cantonese Stardict

The Preview of Cantonese-English Stardict

One thing fabulous about Stardict is that if you highlight a word that Stardict has, its meaning will be shown on a notification box. It used to work with firefox too.😦 Anyway, you can still copy and paste the word you want to look up to M$ Word.

Stardict’s Notification Box in M$ Word.


  1. Which kind of help do you need ? and how to help ?

    1. Typing word by word into notepad…
      Here’s the detail:
      Not everyone can help. I only ask for the help of Cantonese speakers.
      It’s a harsh work typing Chinese character, Yale Romanisation and its English definition.

  2. keep up the good work. sorry I can’t help right now. job is too busy. btw… did you forget to add my link when your site got it’s revamp?

    1. Added back. This job is too demanding and gives no rewards. Anyway, almost 50% done.

      1. Keep the hard work man. The ends justify the means sometimes. I’m sure when you see Cantonese thriving in the near future, you’ll be happy and proud that you made a heavy significant contribution to it.

    2. 72% done.Hopefully it will be done by next week. I haven’t considered too much about return or else I will never ever do it.
      I felt frustrated when I started because there are almost 500 pages. Not so much now, just hundred more pages to go.
      But Yale romanisation really gives me a nightmare.

  3. Much respect for taking on this project!! The function will immensely speed up my learning. Currently i am using a Besta and writing in the characters for its pronunciation…….what a draag. MakMak is correct……we need to keep Cantonese proliferating!!

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