After 51 days of typing, Cantonese-English Stardict project finally completed!  Finally, there is an offline electronic Cantonese dictionary!!!

Download link for Cantonese-English Stardict file (Updated on March 20, 2011):

How to Use Cantonese-English Stardict File:

For Windows

  1. Download and Install Stardict
  2. Download my stardict file and unzip to Stardict/dic in program files (using winrar).
  3. You can either look up words in Stardict or
  4. Highlight the word and right click. Choose “copy” to prompt the dictionary popup.  (Make sure that you have “scan clipboard” checked.)
Works with Chrome, Firefox and IE.
Works with PDF (If the text is highlightable, it will work.)

For Linux

  1. Download and install Stardict from Ubuntu Software Center
  2. Download and move the dictionary file to /usr/share/stardict/dic. (sudo mv dictionary folder /usr/share/stardict/dic)
In Linux, just highlight to prompt the pop up

For Mac

  1. Download and install DictUnifier
  2. Download the dictionary file
  3. Open DictUnifier and browse for the dictionary file. Click “convert”.  (Here’s a step-by-step guide if you don’t get what I mean)

For Android

Click here

For iPhone/iPad/iPod

Click here


I also converted Firefox’s Cantofish (not my work) into Stardict format so that both Cantofish and this dictionary can appear together in a pop up .

Download link for Cantofish Stardict version:
Use side by side with Cantofish because the Stardict file only has about 7000 entries.

Restart Stardict if you don’t see any popups at all.

Finally, thanks Eldon and Narrie for helping!