I found this handy programme called 粵音 (I call it JyutYam) while I was searching for “free” softwares in a  Mainland site…  What’s so special about it? It gives Jyutping romanisation and plays Cantonese pronunciation clips consecutively. That means you can input a vocabulary or a phrase and it reads. It is NOT a text-to-speech software though. It just plays character by character consecutively. You may ask, “what’s the point of getting it?”.  Well, the following is my example.

One day, you found an obscenity in Stardict…

Cantonese text-to-speech website just refuses to read it out….

Here comes the Saviour, JyutYam! You’ll see a cute little drum while it plays the clips.

Cantonese Pronunciation Software

One setback is that it just recognises simplified character. But it doesn’t matter. There’re Google Translate and other translate sites that convert traditional to simplified.

Download Link:


To open:


Click Jyutyam to open the application

To use:

As shown in the screen cap of Jyutyam, the left button is “convert”, the middle is “clear” and the right is “play”.  Click  清除 “clear” button before you paste any characters. The author put his contact info on the box and it sticks permanently…