Cantofish with “Dictionary of Cantonese Slang” (Updated)

Modified Cantofish with "Dictionary of Cantonese Slang" still works in Firefox 5.0.1

I got help from 9Dragons of Sheik’s forum and added entries from Dictionary of Cantonese Slang into Cantofish. Finally, Cantofish becomes a real Cantonese popup dictionary!

For Firefox 3.6

1. Download link:
2. Open the xpi file with Firefox (Open Firefox and press Ctrl+O) and it will be installed automatically.

For Firefox 4.0

1. Download link:
2. Open “Add-ons” from the upper left corner orange menu
3. Click on the wheel icon on the upper right hand corner and choose “install add-on from file”
4. Open it and restart Firefox.

How to add Cantofish to Firefox 4

For Firefox 5.0.1

1) In the Firefox address bar, type “about:config”
2) Right click on any line, choose “New” and then “Boolean”
3) Type the phrase “extensions.checkCompatibility.5.0.1” and press enter
4) Chose “false” as the value
5) Restart Firefox
6) Follow the instructions for Firefox 4.0


  1. […] any item. Check the entry for more information “Cantonese-English Popup Dictionary for Chrome” […]

  2. i’m interested in getting this but i’m already on firefox 5.0. any options?

    1. Updated with new instructions

  3. Scottie_boi · · Reply

    err can you reupload?

  4. dai-pie-don · · Reply

    The file is gone.😦

    1. The files were created several years ago so I don’t have them in my PC. I’ll try to search my other portable drives. You should try the Cantonese-English popup dictionary plugin for Chrome instead.

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