Cantonese-English Popup Dictionary for Chrome.


  1. Install Mouseover Dictionary Framework First
  2. Then, install Cantonese-English dictionary

How to use:

  1. Everytime when you use the dictionary, click on the dictionary icon and choose “Cantonese-English Dictionary”
  2. Wait a few seconds while it’s loading
  3. When the blue label changes to “YUE”, click “reload” and it is ready to use.

I know nothing about programming and got this working  just by luck. I only renamed my modified Canto.dat for CantoFish, a Cantonese-English dictionary plugin for Firefox, into CFDICT.u8 (CFDICT is the original name of the file) and threw it back to the extension folder of this Mandarin-French Dictionary.

Thanks 談梓泓 from Cantonese Sheik’s forum for paying the publication fee. Google charges 5 USD for publishing extension for the first time. I don’t want to pay because I don’t want to leak my personal info. Thanks professor Hutton for allowing me to use his work! Finally, thanks OZ for modifying the plugin for Cantonese!

1. As of Aug 21st 2013, the plugin still works fine.
2. I asked 談梓泓 to update the database. Sadly, he encountered technical difficulties and can’t update the database.