Romanised Cantonese Karaoke

I created a few romanised Cantonese karaokes last April but I stopped doing it afterward. Now, I am going to romanise some real Cantonese songs, i.e. songs that are written with real Cantonese grammar and vocabulary. Most of the Cantopop are just written with Mandarin, i.e with Mandarin grammar and vocabulary, and sung in Cantonese. This is like reading French place name with English.

Last April

This is the first song I subtitled and it is written with Mandarin grammar and vocabulary.

This is a Cantonese tongue twister and sung by a “legendary” singer 夏金城 – sort of  “legendary” like Rebecca Black. Of course, he is much less known. However, he is always “legendary” on the Hong Kong cyberspace.

I switched from the camp of Jyutping to Yale because I think that tone mark looks less terrifying than tone number. Rap song is too fast for me to subtitle. I may try to re-do this rap song because it is about fung-shui.

Someone asked why is this song a little bit weird? The lyrics don’t sound right. Yes, because this is a re-edition of the Cantonese folklore 月光光 for a McMug‘s movie.

This Year

Most lyrics in this song are numbers. The non-number lyrics are mostly in written Mandarin. (“明明刨正二三,為何彈出四一” are written Cantonese.)

This famous written Cantonese song is about mahjong. (The only written Mandarin lyric in it is “誰是大英雄”. It’s hard to write Cantonese lyrics because of tones.)

半斤八両 is the only Cantonese song (and also in written Cantonese) that can stay popular over these three decades!

For more romanized Cantonese in future, please visit

I subtitled all these songs with a handy programme called Aegisub, which I discovered it while I was watching Japanese songs on Youtube.


  1. thanks for this, i have been looking for romanized lyrics to cantopop to help me learn cantonese but never believe it existed! i have bookmarked your page & look forward to many more.
    ps can i request certain songs??

    1. Hi Chem,
      You can give me a song list here.
      But I give my priority to written Cantonese songs.

  2. Thank you for sharing these videos. Before I found your blog, I had no idea that Traditional Chinese subtitles were not necessarily Cantonese. I have so much to learn!

  3. Kieran Maynard · · Reply

    I’ve been wondering about this issue, so thanks for clearing it up. I thought these “Cantonese” songs looked suspiciously like Mandarin… because they are! “Real” written Cantonese is impossible for me to read.🙂

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