Cantonese Dictionary With Audio

I recently found a free dictionary software, GoldenDict, which supports Stardict format dictionary file and combines dictionary entries with audio clips from It can be treated as a Cantonese pronunciation dictionary.

Cantonese-English Dictionary with Audio

As long as Forvo has the corresponding entry, Goldendict will show it. The combination of Forvo and Stardict file allows us to have an audio dictionary that is not possible to exist in real life. However, the Cantonese database in Forvo is still not big enough to allow us to get audio from every corresponding entry. Therefore, please ask more Cantonese speakers to record their pronunciations in Forvo.

The combination of Forvo and Stardict file allows us to have an audio dictionary that is not possible to exist in real life


  1. Download GoldenDict. (Pick the latest version. No installation required. Just click “goldendict application”. You can create a shortcut for easy access.)

    Just click “goldendict application” to open the programme.

  2. Get Cantonese-English Stardict file and Cantofish Stardict file (as complementary)
  3. Unzip the files with WinRAR
  4. Open GoldenDict, click “edit”, choose “dictionary” and you will see “file” tab under “Sources” tab
  5. Click “add” to add dictionaries
  6. Click “Forvo” tab, tick “enable pronunciations from forvo” and put “yue” into “language code”
  7. Click “edit”, choose “preferences”, click “audio” tab and tick “play via DirectShow”

When you right click on a highlighted word and choose “copy” in other applications such as Chrome and Office, a box with meaning and audio will popup. (Make sure you have enabled “scan popup” in preferences”. )


I found an unofficial mac version of Goldendict. However, when I click on the audio, all the players I tried quit by themselves. I don’t know if it’s my problem. I overcome it by opening the audio link in Safari.

Right click on the speaker to open the audio link in Safari


  1. I cant get this to work, I have followed all the steps but when i put in a cantonese word, nothing ever happens 😦

    1. when i put in a cantonese word, nothing ever happens

      I guess the word you want to search is not in the databases of these two dictionaries. What Cantonese word is it?

  2. […] nothing surprising, it is still GoldenDict. I just provide you 4000+ Cantonese vocabulary audio, which I extracted from a government-funded […]

  3. Hi,

    I downloaded everything and the dictionary is working, I can hear the pronunciation, but I can’t see the Cantonese transcription (yale)… how could solve this problem?thanks a lot!!

    1. Hi Irene,
      That means the vocabulary is not included in Cantonese-English (Stardict) dictionary. You can copy and paste the term and search in CantoDict.

    2. little chinese helper · · Reply

      I was able to get Goldendict to work and search chinese words – however when i go to click the SPEAKER icon to listen to sample it does not work. i have even made sure that i have selected the DIRECT PLAY in option menu. PLease help! 🙂

      1. Are you using mac? If you use Windows, you can try “Play via native API” in “Audio”. (Preferences -> Audio)

  4. Thank you so much!!!!!Everything is functionning well!!!!!! I am using Windows7 and Forvo soundclips can be heard through “Play via Directshow”

  5. cantoinor · · Reply

    Hi, everything is working fine but everything I copy something ctrl +c, a box keeps poping up and I try to resolve this by disabling the scan pop-up function. That didn’t work. please help!

  6. when i copy it does not automatically open?

    1. Have you enable “scan popup”?

  7. I followed your directions but the audio won’t work. I’ve tried to click everything but no result. (I’m using vista)

  8. Ok, so I have Mac OS X Lion and I downloaded the GoldenDict application that you included in your post. I also downloaded the dictionaries provided, but when I try to add the dictionary, it won’t let me select the dictionary. And I’ve tried adding other dictionaries as well from other sites, but it doesn’t seem to work. I’m trying DictUnifier right now, but I don’t know if it’ll work. Are there specific file formats that GoldenDict can only read?

  9. Hi when I write teh code for “forvo”, it shows: Accout expired

  10. Hi when I write teh code for “forvo”, it shows: Accout expired and I hear no sound @@

  11. hi, I can’t get the pronunciations from forvo. it tells me my account expired. Also not getting popup or any pronunciation even after following instructions and downloading sound files

  12. Is there a version for android

  13. I had the problem with the account expired as well but registered a FORVo account to get my own API and puy it in then it worked

  14. How can I reverse search? When I need to find the cantonese for a given english word?

  15. not sure you can but try use english meaning and it will come up with a cantonese word for you… for audio then copy and paste into the goldendict

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