Basically, nothing surprising, it is still GoldenDict. I just provide you with 4000+ Cantonese vocabulary audio clips, which were extracted from a government-funded university website called “Hong Kong Chinese Emergency Room” that teaches Cantonese people Mandarin vocabulary. It should have been called Cantonese-Mandarin dictionary instead of such degrading name. Anyway, it is a step towards a more useful Cantonese Pronunciation Dictionary. The following is a demonstration video.

The real voices don’t sound like what you heard in the video. It was just a recording problem. “CantoneseAudio” is where these 4000+ audio clips located.

Audio Download Link
Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
After extraction, you will see one main folder called “CantoneseAudio” with 31 folders inside and its size is about 1.5 GB. Ubuntu user would better extract the file in Windows because the file names all become unreadable codes after extraction.


  1. Use winrar and double click “CantoneseAudio.part01” to extract all the files
  2. Open GoldenDict, Edit → Dictionaries → Sound Dirs, add the downloaded folder

Scan Popup Function

Click on the magic wand to activate scan popup. Highlight the vocabulary you want to hear its pronunciation, right click and choose copy/ CTRL+C.


I found that the creator of “JyutYam” extracted Cantonese syllable audio from here. You can put its audio file into GoldenDict and scan the Jyutping to hear its pronunciation. These are not vocabulary audios so you have to highlight syllable by syllable.

JyutYam Audio Download:

Potential Problems

Upper GoldenDict is in Ubuntu 11.04 and lower one is in Windows 7

Chinese Character Display is better on a Mac

A WinXP user told me that he saw warning “The referenced resource doesn’t exist” and I think this is due to system font. GoldenDict does not have any easy way to change the font it uses. I don’t know how to solve it but I notice Ubuntu and Mac give better performance on displaying Chinese characters. In the end, you can copy and paste the vocabulary and look for its audio in CantoneseAudio folder. (if it has)

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