Chinese Character Readings Database With All Chinese Languages!

漢字古今音資料庫 is a database that gives pronunciations of Chinese character from all Chinese languages! It also shows reconstructed readings of old and middle Chinese from different time period.

From the example in my video, the pronunciation of 業 is

  • ȵiap5 in Hakka(Meixian)
  • ŋiep5 in Min(Teochew)
  • jip22 in Cantonese(Hong Kong)
  • iəʔ5 in Wu(Wuhu, Anhui)

One comment

  1. Thanks for all your efforts. Send me an email. I may be able to help with some programming or programming suggestions. My Cantonese is not very good, so I can’t be so helpful directly.

    I recommend Python as a good scripting language for handling text. It’s easy to learn, very powerful, and there are lots of libraries out there.

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