If you have no idea what this article tries to teach, please refer to this, this and this.

This is “full text search” function in Stardict. Unfortunately, Goldendict doesn’t have the function. Therefore, I used Goldendict (for audio) and Stardict together in the demo. If you don’t know what is Stardict, please refer to this post. For example, if you want to search Cantonese vocabularies meaning “dirty”, just put “|” before “dirty” and click enter. I don’t know how to input “|” from keyboard so I copy it from “Show info” page, the blue button on the lower left hand corner. I also open Goldendict so that I can use its scan-popup function to listen to the audio.

Introduce New Cantonese Text-to-Speech

While discussing the new Cantonese Text-to-Speech in Mac Lion OSX, someone told me that it is from this site, http://www.nuance.com/vocalizer5/flash/index.html. People say it sounds weird but I think it is not that bad actually.