Cantonese-English Dictionary for Android

Cantonese-English Dictionary for Android


1. Get GoldenDict on Android market.

2. Download this Cantonese-English Stardict file, extract it and copy all three files to /GoldenDict on your SD card


  1. Just found your site. Great, great info on here for any Cantonese learner. I can appreciate the effort you’ve put into here. I looked on this page to see if you had a contact address, but I don’t see one. Are you taking donations for your work? I’d like send a small amount as a token of appreciation.

    Going to try getting these dicts working on my windows/android machines.

    Oh, when I was searching for resources, I found an off mention of this tool which seems really, really useful:

    It’s 1.5mb and it takes chinese text and it’ll spit out the JYUT PING with numbers!! Wow.. I’ve been using adam sheik’s cantodict to get the jyut ping 1 by 1, but with this I can copy and paste an entire document and have everything in one spot that I can reformat later anyway I want.

    Anyways, hoping to learn more from you.


  2. Thanks. But I recommend to use Colordict on Android market instead of Goldendict because it is free. Color dict support Stardict files. The procedure to install and use is quite the same.

  3. Thanks so much! It’s an awesome dictionary; though I get a lot of access to slang through databases like Canto-dict, it’s nice to see how these phrases are written with roman characters, since a lot of bloggers don’t use the honzi equivalents.

  4. Can not untar cedict.tar, unpack errors

  5. Queen Joanne · · Reply

    Hi i cant seem to get it to work.please help. Thanks

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