CEDICT is a widely-used Mandarin-English dictionary database. In the mid 2000’s, some members of Cantonese Sheik created a Cantonese version of CEDICT, which was then utilized by CantoFish, a Cantonese-English dictionary plugin for Firefox. In the original Cantonese CEDICT, Cantonese pronunciation and very basic Cantonese usage were added. However, it still lacked Cantonese vocabulary. Later, I was guided to merge data from Cantonese Stardict, which is an electronic version of “A Dictionary of Cantonese Slang”, into Cantonese CEDICT. Now, it is utilized by Cantonese-English Dictionary for Chrome.

Format of Cantonese CEDICT:

Traditional Simplified [Cantonese] [Mandarin (if available)] /Definitions in English/

Some Improvements of Cantonese CEDICT :

1. I corrected all the entries I added from the Cantonese Stardict file, which is from 鴉烏婆 to 丸仔.
2. Classifiers are added to some entries.

Improved Cantonese CEDICT in Cantonese-English Dictionary for Chrome

3. I corrected errors that were made when others converted pronunciations from Mandarin CEDICT into Cantonese by script. For instance, the pronunciation of 生蛋 was [saang1 daan6*2] in the original. While saang1 daan2 is correct, another combination saang1 daan5 is wrong.

Cantonese CEDICT

Download: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32882273/yedict_20100108.u8