Recently, in a forum thread titled “Why can’t Cantonese be used in writing directly?“, I learned that there’s a new Cantonese novel. While I was looking up info about the book, to my surprise, I found several more newly published novels that are written in Cantonese.

I call this wave of written Cantonese literature “HKGolden Literature”, because all the books share the following features:

  • All the authors are male members of HKGolden, which is a culturally and politically influential forum in Hong Kong.
  • Their works were first published on HKGolden’s 講故台 (Storytelling Channel).
  • Their stories are about their love lives and careers.

Here’s the book list.

  1. 男人唔可以窮 (Men can’t be poor) and its sequel 男人唔可以窮 貳 (Men can’t be poor Ⅱ), by 薛可正
A page from 男人唔可以窮  貳
A page from 男人唔可以窮 貳
  • The story was first published on HKGolden forum in Nov 2012: link
  • Both of the stories can be read online for free: link1 and link2
  • 男人唔可以窮 was the bestseller in the literature category during March 2013

    男人唔可以窮was a bestseller
    男人唔可以窮was a bestseller
  1. 後香港小男人網上日記 (The Diary of the Post Hong Kong Little Man), by 栢原太賀
  • According to the author, the book is inspired by the famous written Cantonese literature 小男人週記 (The Diary of the Little Man).
  • The story was first published on HKGolden in May 2012: link
  1. 一個旅程, 俾個港女搞到玩得唔係咁開心 (A journey was spoiled by a Kong Gal)
一個旅程, 俾個港女搞到玩得唔係咁開心
  • The story was first published on HKGolden on March 2013: Link

Even though the stories can be read online for free, I think people who support Cantonese should at least buy a copy.